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The following installation practice should be used:

  • Drilling of entries in EEx d enclosures is not permitted.
  • EEx stopping plug of an approved type should be fitted to all unused entries of EEx equipment.
  • Only EEx d/e glands should be used with EEx enclosures.
  • Only tools suitable for EEx equipment should be used.
  • Approved non-setting compound (MolykoteTM) on flame paths of EEx equipment should be applied as per manufacture’s standard and when flame paths are not protected against corrosion.
  • Painting of the flame paths is not permitted.
  • There shallshould be no obstruction around the flanges of EEx d enclosures.
  • Cutting, drilling or welding hazardous area equipment is not permitted, unless by certified personnel.
  • Any alteration to certified equipment which may invalidate the certification should be avoided.
  • Contractor should record all details of Contractor supplied equipment on the ‘hazardous area equipment certificate list’. Electronic template will be issued by owner company.