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What is a drilling riser?

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The Drilling Riser forms a single high-pressure barrier for containing well bore fluids and pressures between the subsea wellhead and the surface Blowout Preventer (BOP). Design pressure is typically in the 5,000 psi plus.

Below is a list of typical equipment to be supplied in the riser package:

  • Subsea external wellhead connector assembly
  • Stress joint
  • Riser joints
  • Riser pup joints, as required
  • Buoyancy, as required
  • Keel joint assembly, as required
  • BOP adapter/head
  • Drilling riser tensioner
  • Riser handling equipment
  • Riser tools and accessories
  • Riser running spider
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answered Apr 12, 2015 by jakangaru (2,010 points)

When studying or selecting Drilling Riser, you may want to refer to API-16Q and API-16F, and NACE specifications and as outlined in the list of specifications and design requirements.  API-16F should govern for conventional weld-on drilling riser connectors. Conventional drilling connectors maybe of bolted flange, dog, or bayonet type connections.  If heavy mud is in the hole, pressure test will be limited.

Riser collapse resistance should be considered and determined for the riser design using API-16Q and API-5C3.

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answered Apr 14, 2015 by lilianlope (2,360 points)

When you specify the requirements to the bidders/contractors, you may provide the functional requirements for your drilling riser system to save cost.

Functional requirements of the dilling riser should be:

  • Provide a method for running drilling equipment between the surface and the well bore
  • Support surface wellhead and surface BOP equipment
  • Be tensioned by a Drilling Riser Tensioner
  • System components must be designed to be run through a "to be defined" rotary table and keel guide opening as applicable
  • Remain attached to the well during platform survival design event
  • All riser components should be designed for a service life of 7 years with a fatigue requirement of 10 times the service life as a minimum