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What is a Punch List?

asked Apr 20, 2015 in Engineering by guyredumis (540 points)
What is a Punch List (Completions List)?

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The Completions Punch List is a database register of all outstanding actions, activities, materials, approvals or scope for a project. It is the final repository for all defects generated throughout the project. It forms part of final system’s hand over. Items on the Punch List are categorized either A (unsafe or un-operable in final operational condition) or B (all other items). The punch list input form defines the approval process. The completion database, which is managed by the completions group, is structured to provide a means of tracking, monitoring, and progressing of outstanding punch items. Input to the punch list is open to all persons through their discipline approval line of communication.

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answered Apr 23, 2015 by BrockDeider (455 points)

Punch list can come from various sources:

  • Vendor punch list/defect list
  • Class Society punch list
  • Outstanding works list
  • Fabrication punch list/defect lists
  • Defect reported by the Operation’s group
  • Operations punch list

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