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Required Documentation for Vessel Construction, Alteration and Repair?

asked May 13, 2015 in Mechanical by alsieg (2,780 points)

Hello community of experts, I really appreciate if someone share their experience and inputs regarding the reequired documentation for Vessel Construction, Alteration and Repair. Thanks in advance.

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answered May 13, 2015 by TPham (5,010 points) | edited May 13, 2015 by TPham

All work should be performed per the requirements of the latest version of  ASME Section   VIII Div. 1, API-510 and any/all applicable “your client” standards/specifications.

Note: all Section VIII Div. 2 Vessels should be considered on an individual basis.

Prior to start of fabrication and/or mobilization a complete set of detailed construction drawings should be provided to, reviewed by and accepted by at a minimum:

1.A client engineer or client designated engineer who specializes in pressure retaining equipment.


2.A person who is currently certified through the API organization as a 510 inspector in good standing.

A qualified inspector CWI and/or 510 is required to follow all the requirements below. If one is not provided by the contractor, a qualified third party inspector will be provided by the project owner.

Documents to be submitted to Client for approval prior to mobilization/fabrication:

  1. Quality Control Manual
  2. Copy of policies and procedures for ASME code work
  3. Copy of all  applicable Code stamps, licensure, certification or qualifications
  4. WPS’s, PQR’s, WPQ’s for all weld processes to be used
  5. QA/QC personnel resumes and certification
  6. Qualification records/visual acuity for NDE/QC personnel
  7. Continuity logs for all welders to be utilized (if applicable)

Here's the link to a longer post.