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answered May 26, 2015 by Normandy (21,040 points)

Prior to conducting the project construction phase, ensure the following are met as a minimum to smooth execution:

  • Contractors should be aware and understood the required specifications.
  • Engage the construction contractor during detailed design to ensure the design addresses constructability.
  • Construction involvement with project planning during the Engineering Design Standard (EDS) phase of the project have shown that it resulted in an improved and more easily constructed design.
  • Detailed construction plan and schedule should be developed.  Tracking of productivity and completion of work is depended on a good plan and schedule.
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answered May 27, 2015 by jakangaru (2,010 points)
Develop plans that address Interactions between construction and operations.  These include: dealing with multiple operators and operating units, need to be aware of operational needs and requirements before starting work.

Construction Execution Plan must require Contractors to provide EXPERIENCED workers. Contractors should be restricted from removing experienced workers from the job site prior to completion of the work.   Contractors must provide qualified competent equipment operators.

Significant project member changes/turnover during the course of a project can negatively impact project performance.  A formal and thorough turnover process should be used to ensure project information is transferred from one individual to another.  This is particularly important if the project ownership is changed.

Good communication among contractors is necessary to maintain construction schedule and minimize rework.