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What would happen if the emergency response plan cannot be successfully activated?

asked Jun 9, 2015 in Safety by Phuong Nguyenngoc (200 points)
What would happen if the emergency response plan on a production platform or any particular facilities cannot be successfully activated when there is an emergency?

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answered Jun 9, 2015 by TPham (5,010 points)
Ensure periodic drills and emergency response simulation systems/protocol are performed for emergency response (e.g. ICS training).

Ensure the communication plan for emergency situations is available.
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answered Jun 10, 2015 by lulopez (2,220 points)
If it is a platform, make sure there is a contingency plan in place for well blowout and TLP instability scenarios.

If it is on a FPSO, make sure lifeboats and other emergency response provisions are available on FPSO.