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HYSYS Peng Robinson EOS Liquid density correction - volume shift

asked Jul 31, 2015 in Simulation by odadmin (21,030 points)
HYSYS volume translation for Peng robinson equation seems not right. I get completly wrong liquid densities when i copy PVTSim Cpen data to HYSYS. Is there anybody facing the same problem?

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answered Jul 31, 2015 by ChemKB (8,210 points)

If you are transfering PVTSim EOS volume shift values to the HYSYS, then be aware that HYSYS has an error in their implementation of volume shift where they require input of the "negative" of the actual value for "c" (volume shift with units) instead of the original-published and industry-implemented volume shift which is defined as:

v(adjusted) = v(EOS) - c.

However HYSYS implemented v(adjusted) = v(EOS) + c 

(where v(EOS) is the molar volume from the original 2-constant (a,b) EOS of SRK or PR.

I hope this helps.

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