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Valve End Connections type?

asked Sep 2, 2015 in Engineering by JanineBennin (685 points)
How many types of valve end connections are available in the industry?

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answered Sep 3, 2015 by NewtonTishle (505 points)
Flanged type:  a flanged valve intended for conventional bolt-up to mating pipe flanges.  Such valves can be either single flange type, or equipped with body end flanges.

Welding end (buttweld end) type:  a valve body intended for installation by full penetration welding.

Wafer or Flangeless type:  a flannels valve body (exclusive of the valve bonnet area) that is centered within the pipe flange bolt circle, leaving the bolts exposed to the atmosphere.  A wafer valve is held in position only by the compressive forces from mating pipe flanges.
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answered Sep 4, 2015 by Normandy (21,040 points)
Another valve end connection is the lug type which is a flangeless valve body that is equipped with lugs (either through drilled or threaded) to allow for bolt-up and positioning between pipe flanges

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