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Could you please provide me PSV sizing spreadsheet fire case

asked Sep 24, 2015 in Engineering by alhanboosh (165 points)
Dear All,

I need PSV sizing spreadsheet for fire case scenario.

I'll be very happy if anyone can help me.

commented Sep 26, 2015 by TPham (5,010 points)
I was also looking for the same information. I did pass your question on to some people in the PSV area and hope to get an answer soon.

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answered Sep 28, 2015 by TPham (5,010 points)
You can use the GPSA Handbook for fire sizing (section 5-12). They have a good explanation.

Hope that can help a bit while someone can upload a sample spreadsheet.

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answered Sep 28, 2015 by odadmin (21,030 points)
PSV sizing for external fire is a dynamic case. I recomebd you to use process simulator such as HYSYS which has a specific utility for vessel depressusring during fire. You have to provide equipment details under fire and orifice size or final pressure.
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answered Oct 2, 2015 by ChemKB (8,210 points)

Please download the Fire PSV Sizing Calculation Spreadsheet using following link.


Calculation: According API-RP-521

Validation Example: Crosby Engineering Handbook, Page 7-22, Example1

I am still working to improve this spreadsheet but it is a good starting point. You can get further detailes on calculation and validation in Crosby Engineering Handbook.

commented Oct 2, 2015 by TPham (5,010 points)
Great information. Thanks for sharing.
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answered Oct 4, 2015 by esjensen (2,720 points)

Here's a sample of the spreadsheet that I used in previous calculations.

PSV Blocked Fire Relief Valve cases