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Catenary Riser System sizing and selection-duplicate?

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What are the typical requirements for an Offshore Loading System?

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  • The pipe wall thickness should be selected according to the following criteria:
    1. Maximum internal operating or hydrotest pressures
    2. Collapse due to external hydrostatic pressure during installation or in-service
    3. Local buckling due to the combined effects of external pressure and bending
  • Buckle arrestors should be used in preference to selecting a pipe wall thickness that is sufficient to withstand buckle propagation.
  • Full-scale pipe collapse / buckle propagation testing should be considered in order to confirm the methodologies used in Item b and c above.
  • The Catenary Riser and riser piping should include a minimum corrosion allowance / excess wall thickness of 0.125 in.
  • The wall thickness selected from the above criteria may need to be revised as a result of the strength and fatigue analyses.
  • Standard API line pipe sizes should be used where possible.

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