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What are hydraulic couplers?

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Here are hydraulic couplers functionalities:

  1. Hydraulic couplers should be provided with either metal-to-metal seals and non-metallic backup or non-metallic seals and non-metallic backup.
  2. Hydraulic couplers should:
    • Be mate-able with full operating pressure.
    • Be mounted with sufficient axial support to withstand hyperbaric separation forces.
    • Be mounted with sufficient flexibility to permit makeup without leaks and undue forces.
    • Be grounded and of sufficient materials and strength to last the design life of the field (couplers and mounting hardware).
    • Have a full penetration butt weld or socket weld between the hydraulic coupler and tubing.  No fittings should be permitted at this juncture or in the pressure containing body of the coupler.
    • Minimize ingress of seawater at depth.
    • Not encounter excessive hydraulic lock upon disengagement.
    • Have dummy coupler connections and protection caps designed to prevent hydraulic lock.
  3. Multi-port hydraulic receiver plates should have adequate strength and stiffness to allow for proper make-up of all hydraulic couplers.

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