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Refrigerant condenser not working

asked Jan 9, 2016 in Process by jensi129 (500 points)
Refrigerant condenser not working, what could be the possible root cause?

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answered Jan 9, 2016 by cobiesmith (3,310 points)

You have to give more details about your process but following are the some of the general issues with condensers:

  • If the shell and tube condenser is water cooled then it could be fouled with dead crabs, mud, grass stalks, etc and needs to be back flushed.
  • Cooling water flow rate check for low rate can couse foulling as well.
  • A bypas arround the conderser is leaking vapor to the accumulator drum.
  • Insufficient drain of refrigerant from the condenser to the accumulator.
  • Subcooling of refirigerent liquid in the condenser reduces the heat transfer surface.