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Documentation needed for fabrication and welding of subsea equipment?

asked Apr 25, 2016 in Offshore-Upstream by Jarredd Tomlinson (360 points)
What are the typical requirements for documentation needed for fabrication and welding of subsea equipment?

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answered Apr 25, 2016 by esjensen (2,720 points)

You should request documentation related to the fabrication and welding as well as testing, inspection, and repair of the finished components for the following items:

  • Manufacturing Procedure Specification (MPS)
  • Quality Plan (including the Inspection and Test Plan)
  • WPS, PQR, and welder qualifications
  • NDE procedures, records, and qualifications of NDE personnel
  • Non-conformance/discrepancy reports and final dispositions
  • Weld Consumable Certificate of Compliance
  • Weld repair maps
  • Weld summary sheet identifying all WPS and processes, and the locations where the WPS should be used
  • Dimensional reports
  • Classification Certificate (if required)
  • Heat treatment records (if applicable)