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Type of load analysis for the jumper

asked May 23, 2016 in Engineering by DavidNivola (475 points)
When performing load analysis for the jumper, how many type of analysis should be done to adequately satisfy the typical engineering analysis?

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answered May 23, 2016 by DeanBidot (360 points)

You may consider the following jumper analysis in your study.

  • ROV loads
  • Flowline loads
  • Running tools
  • Mis-alignments loads
  • Subsidence loads
  • Piping loads (due to temperature, pressure, flowline expansion, etc.)
  • Thermal performance (if applicable)
  • Erosion/Corrosion (an erosion study should be performed to determine erosion allowances)
  • Handling during fabrication, assembly and testing
  • Load-out and sea-fastening onto transport vessel
  • Transport to site
  • Installation (lift, lowering, landing, etc.)
  • Dropped objects

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