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Type of Water and Foam Pumps used for fire fighting?

asked Jun 30, 2016 in Engineering by julien.cargill (1,080 points)

In the event of fire, what type of Water and Foam Pumps used for firefighting? Please provide some of its characteristics. Thanks.

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answered Jul 2, 2016 by Normandy (21,040 points)
Below is what I would specify for a Water Pump:

The water pump should be of a centrifugal type, driven by a power take-off from the truck transmission.  In addition, the pump materials of construction should be suitable for plant fire-water and all other local water supplies.

The pump should have at least a minimum 1000 gpm capacity and be designed to operate over a range of inlet pressures from 10 ft suction lift to 125 psig. A larger capacity pump may be needed.

The pump performance should comply with NFPA 1901 requirements.
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answered Jul 3, 2016 by Normandy (21,040 points)

For Foam Supplied Pump

The foam pump should be a rotary or gear type.  A variable speed hydraulic motor, a direct drive auxiliary engine, or a power take-off from the truck transmission should drive the pump.

The drive system for the foam concentrate pump should be independent of the drive system for the water pump, such that the foam pump may be run without the water pump.

The foam pump should be suitable for pumping foam concentrate at the full range of temperatures experienced at the location.

The foam concentrate pump maximum discharge pressure should be 300 psig as limited by the pump pressure relief valve to ensure proper foam proportioning over the full operational range of the water pump.

The foam concentrate pump should provide sufficient concentrate when the water pump is running at minimum capacity with the maximum allowable suction pressure.

To protect the pump, a pressure relief valve, sized for pump blocked outlet, should be provided on the discharge side, bypassing back to the pump suction.

A valve blow-off strainer should be installed on the foam pump suction to protect this circuit from scale and foreign particles.