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answered Sep 3, 2016 by Habib Ramini (710 points)
  • Reduce height of riser jumper (RJ) by consider adding additional PLET at base of riser.
  • Eliminate doglegs in horizontal portion of RJ.
  • Need vertical clearance above RJ connector for running tools & rigging. Identify installation aids location and expected loads on the tower.
  • Design RJ to avoid use of running tools by possibly using self activating connectors.
  • Direct connect MEOH line straight to tower to avoid the jumper / PLET.
  • Pre-plan anchor points for future accommodation barge(s) and other vessels.
  • Optimize export pipeline layout with future flowline layout.
  • Consider installation of protection over export pipeline to possibly combine with dropped object protection for flowlines. Location of deadman anchors may vary with installation contractor. Thermal expansion needs to be considered for any protection.
  • Consider alternate route for umbilical layout of umbilical that goes to an additional location.