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Printed circuit heat exchanger service

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Can I use printed circuit heat exchangers with sea water as cooling medium?

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answered Mar 27, 2014 by odadmin (21,030 points)
Due to fouling, scaling, etc., issues printed circuit heat exchangers are not recommended when sea water is used as coolant.
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answered Apr 21, 2014 by Normandy (21,040 points)

Some additional information to consider when selecting the Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers.

The use of Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers (PCHE) should be limited to clean fluid service only. Furthermore, PCHE should not be used to cool gas directly from a separator. The use of a PCHE downstream of an oil lubricated compressor is not recommended.

Special attention shall be given to:

  • Particles: A permanent strainer (Hellan type or similar) of 250 micron should be fitted on the inlet of both sides of a PCHE in liquid service and for the liquid side only for gas coolers/heaters.
  • To mitigate fatigue the temperature control should be designed to limit thermal cycling. A travel stop for 20% minimum flow through the control valve is required to reduce the extent of thermal cycling.
  • A temporary strainer contained in a removable spool should be provided on the gas side of gas coolers or heaters.
  • Pressure drop of the permanent strainer and the heat exchanger core should be monitored on both sides of the exchanger.
  • 3” nozzles shall be provided on each inlet manifold to facilitate off-line Ultra High Pressure (UHP) cleaning.

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