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Is it possible to upgrade an External Turret Moored FPSO for increase in water depth?

asked Nov 23, 2016 in Offshore-Upstream by Ameya_Jos (270 points)
For example, can an External Turret moored FPSO rated for 100 meter water depth be upgraded for 400 meter water depth? Briefly what all modifications (e.g. structural, risers, turret etc) the FPSO will have to undergo?

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answered Nov 23, 2016 by Tadd Pham (5,620 points)
Theoretically, it can be. But in real practice, I don't think anybody will do it. 100 m to 400 m WD is not a big deal. But modification will cost too much for management to justify. Spread mooring fairlead, chain locker and handling system has to be provided (that means many existing structures have to be removed). Risers have to be re-located to align either Starboard or Port side, which means big change on existing structure, piping, E&I. Also, spread mooring has to take bigger env load, then the hull and topside structure need to be re-checked against it. It may also need some reinforcement.

Not recommended !!!
commented Nov 24, 2016 by Ameya_Jos (270 points)
Thanks for the answer.