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answered Jan 23, 2017 by Habib Ramini (710 points)
  • Keep manifolds within project pre-specified installation load (including dynamic load). Ensure risk of bid from contractors coming in with greater dead weight is minimized.
  • Keep manifold foundation within project pre-specified installation load (including dynamic load).
  • Consider use of heave compensator for manifold installation.
  • Investigate how smaller vessels can be utilized for manifold installation.
  • Keep a continuous installation sequence as base case (eliminate multiple mob - demob).
  • Pre-install manifold foundation.
  • Confirm tolerances of well positioning.
  • Coordinate sequence of well drilling with layout of well jumper. Consider retrieval issues. Installation of jumpers can be done independently (one doesn't interfere with next one).
  • Ensure there is numbering system to match suction pile to manifold.
  • Have dual valves: one ROV and one hydraulic activated. Allow replacement of jumper without shutting in entire manifold.
  • Identify functional requirements for complete installed system test. Individual items / components should be hydro tested.