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answered Aug 30, 2018 by Habib Ramini (710 points)
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  • Consider having riser supplier supply both halves of connector. Same applies to manifolds, trees. Attempt to standardize on connectors.
  • Develop coordinated connector system strategy for field (consider free issue of connectors by appropriate contractor). Need to evaluate non-tooled connector vs. tooled connector and optimum sets of tools.
  • Consider separate installation contracts or packages for Subsea contractor A & B, or, C individually or combined.
  • Consider after-market support of equipment (SEV).
  • Need to clarify interface details between SIC and SEV.
  • Need to identify how to interface with facility‚Äôs logistics such as laydown area, equipment usage, fuel, water, etc.
  • Need to identify point of delivery for trees.
  • Need to identify requirements for local content.
  • Consider alternate contracting strategies for SEV and/or SIC partnering, alliance, incentives, etc.
  • Consider establishing stand-by rate criteria for specific work that could be interrupted with other priority work / operation. Include in bid packages to avoids risk of higher price for unknown access to contractors' work.
  • Specify the level of your company involvement in Contractors' design and installation.
  • Clearly specify interface points on umbilical, Umbilical Termination Assembly (UTA) between SEV and SIC; and responsibility for controls and testing of completed installation. Whoever supplies umbilical, there needs to be close coordination between both contractors on umbilical, UTA.
  • Ensure design of installation equipment is done by the contractor / party performing the installation or that party has responsibility to review / approve installation equipment design. Need to specify who is responsible / liable for what.
  • Ensure the elements of a project safety management plan are included in bid packages (integrating all governing safety requirements). Ensure JSA's are required.
  • Consider contingency plan in contract for change.