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Standard twisted and shielded instrument cable

asked Oct 28, 2018 in E&I by chad.trinh (605 points)

Does anyone have experience pulling standard twisted, shielded instrument cable and having construction perform field connections to Turck type connectors? 

Buying standard cable vs. pre-fab cable from Turck is lower cost, but there is concern about a few things, one of which is the likely quality of the connection made in the field. 


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answered Oct 28, 2018 by alsieg (2,780 points)

‚ÄčWe did that at Fayetteville many years ago. In particular, it was on block valve limit switches. I think we used keyed 120VAC plug connectors for the solenoid and Turck (actually T&B back then) on limit switches. Intent was to permit an operator to pull a valve and not require electrician.

No problem from what I recall. One side of Turck installed in shop on limit switches. Mating side installed in condulette in field. Helps to provide construction a special wiring schematic with required details [color coding] for field wiring. For installation, need to confirm location of condulettes and length of Turck cables and appropriate labeling to prevent mixups.