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Pig trap safe orientation

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When designing the pig trap, the followings should be considered:

• Pig trap should not be placed near any open flames or ignition sources.
• When horizontal space is not large enough (e.g. offshore platform), always consider sufficient work space adjacent to the closure door for loading and unloading pigs.
• Orientation of the barrel at the pigging station. Valves or instrumentation associated with the operation of the pig trap should be given adequate space to provide routine maintenance or replacement. The closure door should face away from other equipment and places where people typically congregate.
• Consider the placement of a pig trap to reduce the chance of hazardous contaminants within a pipeline from reaching the outside atmosphere when a pig trap is vented or a closure door is opened.
• Pig traps and pigging systems should be designed according to the same design codes as the pipeline to which they are connected.
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answered Feb 24, 2014 by anonymous
According to NORSOK standards L-002, pig receiver opening closure on an offshore facility should face the sea to minimize the risk of personnel injury and equipment damage.

Vertical launchers should be placed on the outside area on the platform and should be open to air.

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