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FPSO Forward or Aft accommodation

asked Apr 21, 2014 in Offshore-Upstream by alsieg (2,780 points)

The followling table provides a comparison of FPSO Forward or Aft accommodation.

  Forward accommodation Aft accommodation
Motions at accommodation and helideck  
Hazards during escape by sea  
Ease of turret location for passive weathervaning  
Risk of green-water impact on accommodation  
Release of toxic gases e.g. H2S  
Sustainability of the TR during process area or turret fire  
Impairment of the helideck during process area or turret fire  
Machinery noise in accommodation  
Visibility for incident management during fires etc  
Location of secondary TR  


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answered Apr 21, 2014 by lilianlope (2,360 points)
The accommodation block conventionally designed/built/located at the rear end of the FPSO, but some of the new built and conversion are located at the forward location of the vessel.

Either the Bow or Stern of the vessel is considered for the accommodation needs to emphasize the temporary safe refuge in case personnels need to have access to without hinder from any point on deck.