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Electrical Installations and Distribution Systems on FPSO?

asked Jul 2, 2014 in E&I by sabdullayev (5,290 points)

I have seen Electrical Equipment designs that have many voltage levels requirements as:

  • Lighting and trace heating  230V 50Hz, alternatively 240V 60Hz
  • General services   400/230V 50Hz, alternatively 480/277V 60Hz
  • Emergency services   400/230V 50Hz, alternatively 480/277V 60Hz
  • Large Electrical Heaters & VSDs 690/400V 50Hz, alternatively 600/346V 60Hz
  • Instruments and Emergency Systems   230V 50Hz, alternatively 240V 60Hz, 24V DC
  • Communications   230V 50Hz, alternatively 240V 60Hz, 24V DC

So instead of many requirements, can someone share experience on typical design system that accommodate all of the above designs?

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answered Jul 2, 2014 by wangroc (3,280 points)
The EPC Companies typically will standardize the Low Voltage (LV) distribution system for the entire FPSO to match the existing LV distribution system of candidate tanker.  

This will include 440V 3-phase 60Hz and 220V, 1-phase 60Hz for topside.

This will eliminate the need for two additional back feed transformers (cost impact) and will also allow for a standardized design basis which will have a positive effect on operability and maintainability.