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Providing and installing the items that stay below oil well casing and tubing?

asked Jul 8, 2014 in Subsea by cuchiang (2,310 points)

Who (Contractor or Operating Company) would generally be responsible for providing and installing the following items that stay below oil well casing and tubing?

  • Conductor
  • Surface casing
  • Drilling liners
  • Intermediate casing
  • Production casing
  • Production downhole screens
  • Production tubing
  • Subsea wellheads

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answered Jul 8, 2014 by belmoreno (2,190 points) | edited Jul 8, 2014 by belmoreno

Operating Company typically provides the items mentioned in your question.

Contractor would typically provide production/injection and drilling risers, including:

  • Production tubing head
  • Tubing hanger
  • Tree and attachments
  • Drilling riser internal high pressure riser

In addition to the risers, Contractor provides external riser tieback connectors. Operating Company will provide the drilling internal tieback connector.

Operating Company will also supply control lines and tubing encapsulated conductors and to be installed by Operating Company downhole.  Contractor should supply control line fittings and pre-bent control line tubes passing through the tubing hanger and tubing head.

Specialized fittings associated with downhole reservoir monitoring equipment, if installed, will be supplied by Operating Company.