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answered Jul 9, 2014 by esjensen (2,720 points) | selected Jul 9, 2014 by jakangaru
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Internal surface plating requirement for storage tanks is not required, provided:

  • The bottom of the storage tanks do not have structural elements
  • The number of walls inside the storage tanks with structural elements is minimized if possible
  • Tanks with potable water should not have structural elements inside the tanks

Noting that this is just for storage tanks (such as storage tanks for drill water, base oil, brine, and diesel oil) only, not intended for ballast tanks.  Since all the storage material is liquid and there is no dry bulk, there will not be any problem to remove the storage material or clean/empty the tanks with internal stiffeners or rings.  The tanks with internal stiffener or rings (without having internal surface plating) will also makes framing arrangement or fabrication easy otherwise the fabrication, inspections, etc. are going to be very difficult with tight space between the structural components.