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Turret Moored FPSO

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What is a turret moored FPSO?

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Turret Moored System can be categorized into the following types:

  • Internal Turret (harsh environment, large number of risers up to 75, large amount of equipment, water depth above 70m)
  • Internal Disconectable Turret
  • External Turret (moderate environments, smaller number of risers up to 25, small amount of equipment, water depths above 50m)
  • External Disconnectable Turret
  • Yoke Tower (moderate environments, large or small number of risers, water depths less than 50m)
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answered Apr 19, 2014 by Normandy (21,040 points)
A turret moored system consists of a fixed turret column held by an internal or external vessel structure via a bearing arrangement. The FPSO can freely rotate around the turret and fluid swivel. Mooring and risers fixed to sea bed and are “geostationary”.

The turret and swivel systems allow the FPSO 360 degrees rotation to be used in all met-ocean environments

Turret allows FPSO to weathervane that takes up a position which aligns it with the dominant forces of wave, wind and current.

Weathervaning has the effect of minimizing environmental loads on the station keeping system, and minimizes the most sensitive vessel motions.

Turret provides connection to mooring lines, transfer of mooring loads to the hull and mechanical support for the risers and umbilicals.