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What does 50/64 mean for a offshore choke valve?

asked Jul 21, 2014 in Process by RichS29 (4,320 points)
For oil and gas choke valves, what does 50/64 mean?

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answered Jul 22, 2014 by keler01 (1,380 points)

50/64 indicates the choke setting.

50/64 means equivalent orifice diameter in 50 times of 1/64ths of an inch.

Following figure the indicator is at 42 this would be equivalent to an orifice bean size of 42/64.

Choke valve manufacturers have generally have Orifice Indicator Bean Sizing Table and/or choke setting vs. Cv diagrams.

Reference: http://www.diwmsi.com/flow/chokes.asp