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FPSO Hull Monitor Purposes?

asked Jul 29, 2014 in Hull by cuchiang (2,310 points)
What are the purposes of monitoring the FPSO Hull?

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The purpose of monitoring the FPSO hull is to schedule timely interval inspection of what happens to the structure of the hull and then be able to make plans as to when and what to do when the gradually degrading condition approaches a stage at which the level of risk or the degree of unreliability become unacceptable.

The monitoring usually followed by systematically recording the rate of change within which degradation of the structure could have serious effects on the future safe operations of the structure and/or would be difficult and expensive to repair.

The monitoring and inspection plans can be achieved by:

  • Visual Inspection (crack, corrosion, pitting, coating, etc.)
  • Equipment Based Monitor (close circuit television systems recording, ultrasonic thickness meters, humidity meters)

Analysis of history information can also help to identify the monitoring purposes.

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answered Jul 29, 2014 by sicalamanto (1,560 points)

I would like to add the typical frequency of hull inspections that are being employed by offshore professionals.

Machinery rooms 6 months
Pump rooms 6 months
Void spaces 6 months
Ballast tanks 12 months
Main deck 12 months
Cargo tanks 30 months
Small tanks 30 months
Produced water tanks 30 months
External hull above water line 30 months
Underwater hull 30 months