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Air Compressor package for offshore environment

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Discussion of Air Compressor package for offshore environment.

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To further detailing the Air Compressor package and its components,

Refrigerant dryers should compose of the followings:

  • Exchanger to provide pre-cooling of inlet air by the cooled discharge compressed air.
  • Refrigerant system with Refrigerant Condenser for cooling the pressurized air down to the required dew point complete with compressor, piping, valves, instrumentation and controls.
  • Oil separator and all necessary valves/piping to bypass the refrigerant dryer in case of a failing dryer system as well as on-skid interconnecting piping and condensate drain.

Absorption dryers should compose of the followings:

  • Coalescing inlet filter with differential pressure indicator and manual drain valve.
  • Two absorbent containing vessels. One in operation, the other in regeneration or standby mode. Vessels should be provided with desiccant removal facility without the need to remove any piping.
  • High efficiency after filter with differential pressure indicator and manual drain valve.
  • Skidded interconnecting piping, valves and instrumentation.

The Unit Control Panel (UCP) should compose of the followings:

  • The panel should be provided with a main isolation switch to cut off the main powersupply.
  • The panel should be provided with an emergency shutdown button, alarm acknowledge button, alarm/shutdown reset button, Start/Stop button.
  • The panel should be provided with a local/remote selection switch and an auto/manual selection switch.
  • The panel should be possible to change the (pressure, time) settings for start, stop, load and
    unloading of the compressor.
  • The panel should be possible to adjust alarm and shutdown settings. (Limited by factory set
    maximum and minimum allowable settings).
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answered Aug 4, 2014 by TPham (5,010 points)

Discusing the minimum requirements for the design, engineering, equipment and materials, fabrication, installation, inspection, testing of the air compressor package for installation and operation offshore.

The air compressor package should follow ASME VIII Div 1, ASME B16.5, ABS, ISO 1217, IEC 60034/60092/60332.

The air compressor package would normally be installed in the engine room. The engine room or equipment space is a non classified area, i.e. non hazardous.

The air compressor package should include the following items:

  • Air Compressor package
  • Air Dryer package
  • Control Panel for each Air Compressor package and Air Dryer package
  • Dust filter
  • Skidded electrical and instrumentation installation
  • Skidded interconnecting piping, fittings and valves
  • Surface preparation and painting
  • Inspection and testing
  • Classification Society Certification
  • Package documentation
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More details on the Air Compressor Package:

  1. The Air Compressor should be of the rotary screw, oil flooded type, complete with driver, oil separation system, after cooler, motor starter and auxiliaries.
  2. The Air Compressor and Dryer packages may be either installed on one skid or on separate skids.
  3. Each skid should be designed to withstand the maximum dry weight of the equipment as well as to resist all forces due to lifting, handling and ship-motions. The skid should also be provided with two diagonally opposed located earth bosses and mounting provisions to secure the compressor set permanently to the deck at its final location.
  4. The air compressor package and refrigerant dryers should be fresh water cooled. The dryers should be equipped with a high dew point alarm.
  5. Ball and roller bearings should be provided with a minimum L-10 bearing life for 60,000
    hours of continuous operation at rated conditions.
  6. Piping connections at the package shall be flanged in accordance with ASME B16.5.

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