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Area classification for offshore platform diesel tank located in Hull

asked Aug 7, 2014 in Hull by ChemKB (8,210 points)
What area classification code shall i use for offshore diesel tank located in Hull?

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answered Aug 7, 2014 by sicalamanto (1,560 points) | selected Aug 12, 2014 by ChemKB
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Depending on the condition, type, environment of the hull and location where the diesel tank will be located, the following industry standards should be applied when designing the diesel tank.

  • API RP 2T - Recommended Practice for Planning, Designing, and Constructing Tension Leg Platforms
  • API SPEC 12D - Specification for Field Welded Tanks for Storage of Production Liquids
  • API SPEC 12F - Specification for Shop Welded Tanks for Storage of Production Liquids

A series of tanks located in the upper portion of the hull that provide required hull buoyancy, and tank space for the storage of ballast and other fluids (e.g. potable water, drill water, diesel fuel, etc.) can be designed per the mentioned specifications.

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answered Aug 7, 2014 by wozniakmic (3,460 points)
API 650 can be used to design offshore Diesel Storage Tank located in the Hull. The Hull can also accommodate Water Storage Ttank and Sewage Treatment Holding Tank.