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Rectangular Storage Tank Design Code

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What is the Design Code for specifying the Rectangular Storage Tank with the following design criteria:

  • Pressure: 0 psig
  • Temperature: 1500F
  • Size: 6 x 4 x 8 (LxWxH)
  • Material: 316L
  • Service: Scale/Corrosion Inhibitor tanks and Chemical Storage tank for offshore environment

I have seen Design Codes specified as API 650 and 12F, but those are for cylindrical storage tanks.

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Rectangular Tanks can be designed using UL-142, Steel Above Ground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids.

Rectangular tanks are ideal for tight spaces such as an offshore facilities, but they have advantages for mixing and material handling. However, they are typically less cost effective than cylindrical tanks.

In summary, cylindrical tank will be: quicker in delivery, easier to fabricate, less expensive, easier to clean and maintain, more robust, more integrity and stronger, will resist corrosion more because it has no “weak corner welding” and can be drained easier and more positively.  It will also resist more positive and negative pressures than its rectangular counterpart.
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answered Aug 29, 2014 by Tadd Pham (5,620 points)
  1. Rectangular tanks require extensive computer stress analysis to identify reinforcing requirements.
  2. Nozzle requirements introduced need for reinforcements.
  3. Stayed construction requires together with internal baffling.
  4. Drainage needs required positive-sloped floors with special fabrication.
  5. Special ASME design code, Section VIII Div.1, Mandatory Appendix 13, "Vessels of Noncircular Cross Section"