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Personnel Burn Protection

asked Aug 28, 2014 in Engineering by guyredumis (540 points)
Recommendations for Personnel Burn Protection in an operating environment of a facility?

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answered Aug 28, 2014 by redonetti (1,280 points)

In order to reduce burn hazards for operating personnel, all exposed surfaces operating at temperatures above 160°F that are within a distance of 2 ft horizontal or 7 ft vertical of a normal access, walkway, work area, or an adjacent elevated operating platform should be either shielded by expanded metal rigidly supported by spacers, or shielded with perforated 21/2 in corrugated aluminum sheets banded in place.

The use of thermal insulation material rather than guards for personnel protection is discouraged.  This is done to reduce corrosion under insulation.

All valves, including flanges within the burn protection temperature and operating area limits, should be shielded with perforated 21/2 in. corrugated aluminum sheets banded in place.