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Can someone provide compact flanges and connectors details

asked Aug 30, 2014 in Piping by rajprasad (870 points)
Can someone provide types of compact flanges and connectors, their applications, advantages and disadvantages.

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answered Feb 4, 2015 by Normandy (21,040 points) | selected Feb 4, 2015 by odadmin
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Here are some of the characteristics of Compact Flange comparing to a conventional ANSI Flange:

  • Significant weight savings compared to the equivalent ANSI Flange.
  • Smaller and easier to handle in confined spaces. 
  • Quick and easy make-up with superior mechanical strength and fatigue performance.
  • Tighter tolerences. 
  • Leak tightness.
  • Better sealing surface to prevent corrosion on flange faces


*** Comparison on 8” size of Compact flange (136 kg) versus ANSI Flange (1341 kg) with the same pressure rating (2500#).