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FPSO storage capacity versus Shuttle Tanker size

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Lesson Learned: FPSO storage capacity versus Shuttle Tanker size

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answered Sep 5, 2014 by gagonza (3,020 points)
Typical Shuttle Tanker capacities are 900,000 bls. For commercial reasons and to make best use of the Shuttle Tanker, Operators have always wanted to fill the shuttle tanker to its maximum capacity.

In several cases the storage capacity of the FPSO is smaller than the Shuttle Tanker, it requires the Shuttle Tanker to wait and complete loading with a second hook up. As well as risking failure to connect due to adverse weather, the extra waiting time for offloading from the FPSO to the Shuttle Tanker is expensive.

The cost benefits of increased FPSO storage volumes should be considered at the earliest opportunity in the design phase. It is likely that matching storage volumes to the size of the planned Shuttle Tanker will prove the most cost effective option.
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answered Sep 5, 2014 by ekwuemesam (3,660 points)
Small storage capacity on FPSO results in multiple loading operations on the Shuttle Tanker.

Storage capacity should allow full load for Shuttle Tanker. Recommended FPSO storage capacity to be 30% more than shuttle tanker capacity.