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Sulfide stress cracking

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What are the  conditions for sulfide stress cracking corrosion?

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Following are the papameters affect sulfide stress cracking corrosion:

  • Metalargy 
    • Chemical composition
    • Method of manufacturing
    • Strength
    • Hardness and local variations
    • Amount of cold work and Heat-Treatment
    • microstructural uniformity
    • grain size
    • cleanliness of the material
  • H2S partial pressure (use equivalent concentration in water phase)
  • Chloride ion concentration (water phase)
  • pH
  • Pressence of oxidents such as sulfur
  • pressence of non production fluids
  • temperature
  • total tensile stress
  • exposure time
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answered Feb 22, 2014 by anonymous
sulfide stress cracking corrosion occurs in presence of Hydrogen sulfide.  Gas phase Water needs to be there as well even in a trace amount.

High-strength steel Steel to be under stress (residual or externally applied).
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Sulfide Stress Cracking often happens in the Oil & Gas industry (sour environments) as there are natural gas and crude oil being present.

Changing any of the followings can reduce Sulfide Stress Cracking:

  • pH level
  • Concentration of Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Temperature
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Sulfide stress cracking is worst in the temperature range between 60-100°C.