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Primary functions of frequently used valves

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 Ball Valve  Used for shutoff service without pressure drop.
 Butterfly valve  Used for isolating or regulating flow in large pipe diameters.
 Choke valve  Used for high pressure drops found in oil and gas wellheads and Topsides.
 Check valve  A non-return valve allows the fluid to pass in one direction only.
 Gate valve  Used for on/off control with low pressure drop.
 Globe valve  Provides good regulating flow.
 Knife valve  Provides positive on/off control also used for slurries or powders.
 Needle valve  Provide accurate flow control.
 Piston valve  Used for regulating fluids that carry solids in suspension.
 Pinch valve  Used for slurry flow regulation.
 Plug valve  Provides on/off control but with some pressure drop.


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