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Ideal accommodation and helideck position on a FPSO

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Lesson Learned

The forward positioned accommodation and helideck on a FPSO is not optimum for helicopter landing - misaligned approach, no forward visual reference point and increased vertical movement. However, it does have the advantage of clean air (no vessel induced turbulence and no take off obstructions.

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Accommodation/helideck in the forward position has an advantage of upwind of major hazards and fire or smoke in an emergency.

The positioning of the helideck should take account of the wind environment around the FPSO, particularly turbulence, vertical component of wind velocity and hot gas plumes from flares or turbine exhausts, both at the helideck and on the approaches.

The height of the helideck and the air gap between it and the living quarters below should ensure a clean a flow of air.

Helideck layout should allow for either parking of a broken-down helicopter or a platform crane should be able to have helideck coverage and capacity to permit helicopter removal.
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answered Sep 8, 2014 by lilianlope (2,360 points)



FPSO Layout taken from Teekay brochure.