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Oil Treating Debottlenecking

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Lesson Learned:

To increase production of a processing facility using 2 identical parallel contactors, a study was analyzed to identofy liquid sweetening system upsets. These problems occur due to back pressure buildup in the vent system when there is a surge.

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The new production will require that the liquid stripping system be capable of handling more sour oil. The amine system used to circulate amine to produce sweet gas should be used for sour stripping with 2 liquid contactors now reconfigured to operate in series.

Stripping capacity can be improved by reconfiguring the stripping system contactors in counter current mode as shown in the image below. This configuration uses both stripping towers in series with a surge tank and a pump located in between them to boost the liquid from the 1st contactor (water contactor) to the 2nd contactor (oil contactor).

Sour oil enters top of the 1st contactor while the oil at the bottom of the 1st contactor by gravity flow drops into a lower elevation small liquid surge vessel designed to provide an inventory of liquid to be pumped to the 2nd contactor.

Sweet fuel gas enters the 2nd contactor and the overhead gas from it goes to the 1st contactor, since both contactors can now be operated at virtually the same pressure. This same pressure will be at thee higher pressure of the 1st contactor; not the lower pressure of the 2nd contactor.


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