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Well Shut-In Procedures

asked Sep 26, 2014 in Drilling by pparrene (1,410 points)
Can someone provide some comments about the Well Shut-In Procedures?

What are the typical steps that you would recomment to shut-in the wells?

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answered Sep 26, 2014 by Tadd Pham (5,620 points)

A hard shut-in would require the following steps:

  • Hydraulically operated BOP stack choke and kill valves to be in the closed position
  • Valves on the choke manifold not in line with normal flow routing to be closed
  • Valves on the choke manifold in line with flow or pressure sensor to be opened
  • The remote choke to be closed
commented Apr 10, 2015 by karthikeas (195 points)
For workover operations post shut-in, it is important to obtain shut-in pressures. This pressure is simplistically a function between bottom hole pressure and hydrostatic pressure in the wellbore. Calculations can then be done to obtain required control/kill fluid to work on the well.
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answered Sep 26, 2014 by Normandy (21,040 points)

The drilling rig in each region or company should have specific shut-in procedures for Drilling and Completions activities to which the rig or workover unit will be exposed.

Shut-in procedure subjects may include the following:

  • Drilling (milling/circulating for cased hole)
  • Tripping (with both drillpipe and drill collars across the BOP stack)
  • Open hole (out of the hole) operations
  • Wireline operations
  • Running tubulars (casing/tubing)

For subsea stack operations, the operations folks should ensure that each rig has a specificc procedure for identifying and hadling gas in the riser and BOP.