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Top Tension Production Riser System?

asked Oct 15, 2014 in Drilling by bxander (1,180 points)

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The Top Tension Production Riser System should be a single barrier design, with production tubing deployed inside the riser. The risers terminate at the surface wellhead assembly. The surface trees are connected to rigid manifold piping by flexible jumper lines.

A riser tensioning assembly dynamically supports each production riser system. The riser tensioning assembly provides the riser top pretension and allows relative motions between the riser and the surface facility. A tension joint is used to connect the riser to the active/passive tensioning system or a stem/stem head in the case of buoyancy can tension system.

A tieback connector at the riser bottom links the riser to the subsea wellhead conductor. A tapered stress joint above the tieback connector is required to resist the bending moments between the riser and riser tieback connector.

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