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Mooring Line Chain corrosion allowance?

asked Oct 27, 2014 in Marine by esjensen (2,720 points)
The Classification Society defines the corrosion and wear allowance for the mooring line chain as 0.2mm to 0.4mm per year.

If I have a company corrosion requirement as a corrosion rate of 0.4mm/year (for a total of 10mm in 25 years) in addition to the annual corrosion and wear rate defined by the Classification Society.

The question is: would this result into a total corrosion rate of 0.6mm to 0.8mm per year?

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answered Oct 27, 2014 by wozniakmic (3,460 points)
Your interpretation of the requirements for mooring chain corrosion is totally correct. You already described it in details so I do not have anything more to offer.